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What we do.........

Green Chip Investor Relations embraces the goals and direction of companies that are driven to improve the world we live in.  Through careful selectivity based on significant industry experience from our management, Green Chip Investor Relations only accepts clients that appear to have a competitive advantage in its niche. 

It is vitally important to us at Green Chip IR that we only associate ourselves with high growth companies intent on success and positive returns for its shareholders.  Our many services are designed to effectively introduce a Company’s story and business plan to interested investors worldwide.

What are Green Chip Stocks?

‘Green Chip Stocks’ are defined as shares of companies whose primary business is beneficial to the environment.  Green Chip stocks attract interest from investors who are drawn to their “green” proposition and potential to be future market leader in an increasingly environment-conscious world.  One of our first clients embodies this definition perfectly. 

Although every company that Green Chip IR diligently works with may not be considered a “Green Chip” as it is narrowly defined, we only work with Companies that have a legitimate chance to become an industry leader and consistently profitable; hence our slogan

Today’s Green Chips; Tomorrow’s Blue Chips.